How to use the Deep Heat Amethyst Mat

Using the mat with your horse

This page gives you guidelines on how to best use this unique product with your equine.


When using the deep heat therapy mat for your horse, it is preferable to preheat the mat before putting it on the horse's body. It is a good practice to use a lightweight saddle pad under the mat to make it a bit more stable on the horse's back, and also to diffuse the initial feeling of heat that may be experienced by your equine. This is applicable for use on both the saddle location or further back on the loin (lower back).

To secure the mat to the horses back it is suggested to use a standing or polo wrap. We all have those in the tack room! This helps the pad will “stay put.”

When used on the lower back or pelvis areas, it is strongly recommended to have someone actually holding the mat in place, stabilizing the mat so it does not slide off the horse's body and spook the horse or damage the mat!

Typically the mat is used for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. This will relax the horse, increase circulation and reduce/release tension in the musculature, especially beneficial prior a show or event! The low back is a great place to target use as it is these muscles that get tight and inhibit the horse from comfortably rotating its pelvis when cantering and jumping. This is where 'bucks' often originate!

Using the mat regularly on your horse will help improve relaxation of mind, emotion and musculature. As the muscles release their tension, their resting length will increase and allow for more flexibility, use-ability and deeper comfort for the horse. This also increases shock absorption throughout the back, loin and pelvis to prevent injuries, sprains and strains.

Protecting your mat is easy. When using your mat, cover with a pillow case or the cover provided, which is easily washed. A king sized pillow case works well to protect the mat and is recommended for use at all times.

Our mats are stain resistant and will wipe off easily with a damp cloth.

How to operate your Deep Heat Therapy Mat

The Temperature Controller

To connect the temperature controller to your mat, hold the plug and the plug receptacle in the mat in each hand and press together following the pattern on the plugs. Place the plug into the mat before you plug it into the wall. If it is not all the way in when you plug it into the wall you will get an “E2” or “OFF” on the controller display window. This means it is not fully connected.

To disconnect the controller from the mat hold firmly to each end of the plug. NEVER pull by the cord as the plugs fit tightly and you risk damaging your cord.

Plug your mat in first and then plug it into the wall to activate the sensor. Turn your mat on and set it to the desired temperature by turning the dial. Your display will first show the desired temperature and will then indicate what the temperature actually is before the mat warms up. Your controller is in Celsius. See the chart below for the conversion table.

Our deep heat mat is calibrated in Celsius. The temperature conversion chart will help you convert the temperature to Fahrenheit, so you can control the heat therapy you need safely. It is always advisable to drink 8 to 10 oz. of water BEFORE AND AFTER a far infrared therapy session.